Microsoft to Launch Surface Hub 2 Display in 2018

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Microsoft is reportedly working on developing second generation of Surface Hub, which will be unveiled by the end of 2018

In 2015, Microsoft introduced the Surface Hub smart display in 55-inch and 84-inch sizes. These displays were aimed at business users featuring advanced sensors, dual-cameras, mic array, speakers, and support for multi-touch and multi-pen. In recent announcement, company confirmed that it is working on Surface Hub 2, which will be unveiled in 2018. However, it is unclear whether device will be available for commercial or domestic use. “Surface Hub created an entirely new device category and we’re thrilled with the strong momentum we have seen across the globe,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. “We’re working on V2 and will share more in the first half of this year.”

Furthermore, the company is also working on upgrading existing operating system of Surface Hub devices to bring updated features in current models. Microsoft’s 84-inch model is currently priced at US$ 21,999. It has sold Surface Hubs to more than 5,000 businesses in 25 countries with more than half of Fortunte 100 companies owning a device, which more popular than any other Surface device for Microsoft’s enterprise customers.

Google launched digital whiteboard in 2017, which is priced at US$ 4,000 below Microsoft’s 55-inch Surface Hub. Microsoft closed the U.S manufacturing plant for the company’s Surface Hub in 2017, to reduce the costs and speed up production at other units. The company originally announced its Surface Hub at a special Windows 10 event in January 2015. The 4K displays are expected to be in market by end of 2018.


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