Morsel Spork to be Launched in June 2018

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Hadron Gear developed a new multipurpose camping spork, as announced by the company on March 20, 2018.

The company invested 18 months of engineering to re-design the camping spork. The end product called Morsel Spork is designed to serve several cooking and eating purposes in one. The device has a forky part, an edge for cutting, and a spoony part.

Unlike a traditional spork, the newly developed spork is not sequestered on one end of the device. The Morsel separates the two ends with a long handle, which helps serve as cooking tool as well.

Hardon claims that the spork is better than a conventional spoon. This is due to the fact that it has a rubber edge around the spoony part and halfway down the handle on one side. This gives it spatula-like capability of scraping things completely clean. No corner of any container will be out of reach, as this spork. For instance it can be used to scrape out the remains from the corners of a yoghurt carton. Furthermore, it has been designed in such a way that it reaches the depths of utensils. It can poke into corners, clean off lip edges, and scrape off side walls, flat areas, and odd shapes.

Morsel Spork can be dishwashered as well as boiled. The device can assist in cooking, eating as well as cleaning. The device is currently priced higher than seems reasonable, as its retail price is US$ 13. The company pledges to sell it at US$ 7 on Kickstarter and is planning to launch the Morsel Spork in June.


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