New Chip Technology can Boost Quantum Computing Power

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Researchers have developed a new chip technology that can boost quantum computing power, according to a report published on March 10, 2018.

A large-scale integrated quantum photonic circuit was demonstrated by the researchers. Manufacture of massive components for an optical quantum computer might become easier using this new technology. Routing and controlling of single particles of light is possible using integrated quantum photonics. However, there have been only small scale demonstrations in which very few components were integrated on a chip. To increase the complexity and computational power of modern quantum information processing technologies, these quantum circuits have to be scaled up.

On a single chip, 550 optical components were integrated by the researchers. The chip was allowed to entangle photons to incredible levels of precision. Dr. Jianwei Wang, lead author said, “Our quantum chip allows us to reach unprecedented levels of precision and control of multidimensional entanglement, a key factor in many quantum information tasks of computing and communication.”

For complexity and precision of quantum photonics, a new standard is set by this chip. This chip has many applications that can be used in quantum technologies. Qihuang Gong, the lead academic from Peking University said that quantum communication, quantum computing and many other fields will be befitted by the development of large scale integrated photonic chips.


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