New Electronic Pill to Monitor Gas Contents of Gut

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A new electronic pill allows scientists to study the contents of the gut by providing detailed data regarding gasses present inside the guts.

Information regarding the gaseous content of the GI system really comes from stool samples and when the guts are surgically accessed. The pill is developed at RMIT University and trialed by a team at Monash University. The pill continuously monitors the presence of hydrogen, carbon dioxides, and oxygen as it travels from one end of the GI system to the other. The device has already undergone an initial in-human study, which involved seven individuals placed on low and high fiber diets.

Researchers reported that the pill was able to detect the presence of oxidizing chemicals secreted by the stomach that seem to fight the presence of foreign bodies. The other new fact that was discovered is that the colon does at times contain high oxygen concentrations, as long as the person eats a high fiber diet. Previously, it was thought that the colon doesn’t normally have any oxygen within it. Combined, the two new pieces of information may help understand the formation of colon cancer and other diseases. Moreover, the pill was used to detect fermentation, a normal process carried out by body that can be actively monitored to ensure proper digestion of food.

According to Smart Pills Market report published by Coherent Market Insights, smart pills can be used to monitor the drug adherence, temperature and some other parameters in the patients. Smart pills are ingestible medical devices that can be taken orally to examine the gastrointestinal tract (GI). A new company, called Atmo Biosciences, has now been founded to commercialize the electronic pill dubbed the Atmo Gas Capsule. Phase II clinical trials have to be conducted to prove the technology as being useful for diagnosing and monitoring specific conditions.


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