New Software can Detect Leakage around Aortic Stents

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Researchers from St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein and the University of Twente have developed a new approach for predicting the risk of aortic stent leakage.

Aneurysm procedures involve inserting a stent into the aorta, using a minimally invasive surgical procedure for endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) procedure. Previous studies report that within five years, five percent of these patients experience leakage around the stent due to pressure on the aneurysm which could rupture. This can have very serious consequences resulting in the patient’s death. The researchers developed software to accurately determine the position of the stent the aneurysm and the arteries. This enables to clearly visualize the total area of stent that is physically anchored to the arteries. It also shows whether the stent has been fitted ‘snugly enough’ into the aorta.

The stent should be located as close as possible to the lower renal artery. This maximizes the area of contact between the stent and the non-dilated section of aorta, creating the best possible connection. One month after surgery, the patient undergoes CT scan to check for leakage and to confirm that the stent is still in the right position. Dr. Schuurmann, a technical physician, University of Twente explains that “This is necessary because the human heart beats at least 30 million times a year, which means that the stent is exposed to considerable forces.”

According to Peripheral Vascular Devices Market report published by Coherent Market Insights, the number of patients suffering from peripheral artery disease is increasing worldwide. The blood vessels supplying oxygenated blood to the arms, kidneys, intestines, and stomach are usually affected by the peripheral vascular devices. This new software could provide the data regarding leakage of stents preventing its side effects. However, more research is needed before this software can be routinely used in healthcare.


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