Nokia Removes Cardiac-tracking Feature from its Smart Scale Device

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Nokia, on January 22, 2018, announced the intention of removing the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) feature from its Body Cardio smart scale due to regulatory approval issues.

The removal will come in a mandatory software update on January 24, 2018. The company has further not revealed any details as to when the feature will be returning. The company has suspended sales of the Body Cardio, although it plans to resume sales with the removed feature in a few months.

It differed from the company’s original smart scale with the addition of the aforementioned pulse wave velocity tech, which measures the rate at which blood flows through veins of the user.

Pulse wave velocity measurements have existed for a while in the medical field, and are generally viewed as a useful measure of arterial stiffness, along with other aspects of cardiac health such as hypertension or high blood pressure. The Body Cardio scale is only classified with the FDA as a ‘wellness device, however, which does not require testing and paperwork.

The only feature being affected by the regulatory issue is the pulse wave velocity measurements. The rest of the scale’s functions, including weight and heart rate reading, will remain.

This wearable device that assists in the monitoring of health, is one among the many others, that offer convenience to people to keep a track on their health without the visiting a professional. Rapid advancements in technology and growing awareness regarding fitness is driving demand for fitness-tracking wearable devices, as per Wearable Medical Devices Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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