Otto DesignWorks Launches New Zip-tie Lock for Bicycles

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Otto DesignWorks developed an alternative for bicycle U-locks, which works similar to a big cut-resistant zip-tie, as announced by the company on September 2017.

OttoLock’s, the new locking system created by the company is a band as wide as a quarter-inch (18 mm), with a plastic coating. It has four bands of high-temper stainless steel and one made of Kevlar, which is five times stronger than steel. The inner bands slide against one another, thus reducing strain if applied by destructive tools such as bolt cutters.

The zip-tie’s head constitutes impact-resistant aluminum, displaying a combination lock that can be reset based on the convenience of the user.The OttoLock can be carried along with ease as it is lightweight and can be coiled to a 3-inch (76-mm) diameter loop. The small size of the lock makes it possible for one to carry in their pockets. The locking procedure of this lock is extremely simple as it is very similar to the way a zip-tie is locked.

Once the rider wishes to unlock the bike, they are required to key in their three digit combination. It will not be an easy task for thieves to unlock the OttoLock without a key, as they would require to apply over 500 lb (227 kg) of force to break open the band.

Despite the high amount of force required to crack open the lock, it weighs less than a quarter of a pound (115 g). Each band is 18, 30, and 60 inches (35, 75 and 150 cm) long.


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