Pizza Hut Employs Robot to Take Orders in Singapore

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Pizza Hut outlet in Singapore have employed robot called Pepper to take all type of orders and process payments in Singapore

Users who find it difficult to place orders from human servers will now be able to communicate with Softbank Robotics’ Pepper robot. The robot is employed at Pizza Hut outlet in Punggol, a suburb in the island state. The initiative is a part of partnership by Mastercard, Softbank and Pizza Hut, which will conduct the trial for five days. The major fast food chain will take order and process payment in no time with the help of robot. The robot will be assisting customers along with other staff members currently working at the outlet.

After the five-day trial, Pizza Hut will be taking customers’ feedback on various activities by robot. To place an order, customers first have to greet the robot and pair their Mastercard Masterpass account embedded in the Pizza Hut Singapore mobile app. They can then verbally tell the robot their orders and show a QR code that will provide their table information. Payments can be done using Masterpass. The robot does not get access to payment instruments or customer credentials, which minimizes the chance of sensitive information being compromised.

The Pepper robot is developed by Japan-based SoftBank Robotics, which has been used in customer service and retail. “This initiative gives people more choices without ever compromising security and provides more reasons for people to go cashless,” said Mr Tobias Puehse, vice-president, Labs at Mastercard Asia Pacific. “We are focusing on how robots can assist the way people live right now. The humanoid robot is an add-on to the value provided,” said Mr Kan Kiyota, SoftBank’s marketing director. Both Mastercard and SoftBank believe that the launch of the robot in Singapore will accelerate the evolution of payments in the digital age for a better consumer experience. “Singapore is an innovation hub and we are really proud to bring this here,” said Mr Puehse.


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