Polyurea Coatings Market : Demand Rate with Regional outlook, Applications, Consumer Profiles & Forecast 2025

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Polyurea is produced through a process called step-growth polymerization. The reaction of amine resins with a pre-polymer forms polyurea coating. Polyurea coating is durable, exhibits high resistance from corrosion and is flexible in nature. With different methods of formation, the properties and applications of polyurea coatings vary. Polyurea coatings find wide application in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, automobiles, and marine industries. Polyurea coatings experience significant demand from the oil & gas and chemical industries, owing to the high hydrocarbon and gas resistance properties. Moreover, due to the zero VOC content of polyurea coatings, demand for traditional coatings such as polychloroprene, epoxy, and polyurethane has decreased substantially.

The global polyurea coatings market is expected to witness rapid growth in the forecast period. Rapid urbanization and industrialization are some of the key factors driving the demand for polyurea coatings. Furthermore, significant growth in end-use industries and specific properties such as resistance to chemical, abrasion, weathering, and high durability are further expected to augment the growth of global polyurea coatings market. However, high cost of polyurea coatings and requirement of expensive equipment for its application are the major restraints of the global polyurea coatings market.

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Polyurea Coatings Market Taxonomy

On the basis of raw material, the global polyurea coatings market is classified as:Aliphatic Isocyanate-Based,Aromatic Isocyanate-Based

On the basis of product type, the global polyurea coatings market is classified as:Hybrid polyurea coating,Pure polyurea coating

On the basis of application, the global polyurea coatings market is classified as:Construction industry,Transportation industry,Oil & gas industry,Industrial

On the basis of technique, the global polyurea coatings market is classified as:Spraying,Pouring,Hand-mixing

Building and construction is the largest application segment of the global polyurea coatings market. High resistivity of polyurea coatings increases its scope of application in bridges, roofing, decks, membranes, and car parking areas, thereby augmenting its demand in the construction industry. Aromatic isocyanate polyurea dominates the global polyurea coatings market, owing to its low price. Hybrid polyurea coatings segment has a major share in the global polyurea coatings market due to its wide application in flooring, marine applications, and bed liners in trucks.

Polyurea Coatings Market Outlook

North America dominates the global polyurea coatings market. Rising environmental concerns, especially around Canada and Mexico is expected to propel the demand of polyurea in the region. Moreover, presence of valuable minerals such as silver, gold in extraction sites near Mexico is expected to promote the need polyurea coating in the region. In addition, growth in the North America automobile industry is a major factor driving the global polyurea coatings market in the region. The New Building Canada Fund has committed US$10 billion over a 10 year period i.e. 2014-24, to build public infrastructure in Canada. Out of which US$ 9 billion is for National and regional projects and US$ 1 billion is small population fund.

Asia Pacific is expected to exhibit highest growth in the forecast period. Rise in construction activities in the emerging economies such as China, India, and Indonesia is a major driver for the polyurea coatings market. Moreover, availability of cheap raw materials and labor in the region is another factor contributing to polyurea coatings market growth. Furthermore, economic growth in these countries has fueled the demand in the automotive industry, thereby increasing the need for polyurea coatings.

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The Europe market for polyurea coatings is expected to experience a moderate growth in the forecast period. This is as a result of the projected growth in automobile industry present in this region. The Middle East and Africa regions are expected to witness steady growth during the forecast years. The large construction projects, which are underway in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman are projected to propel the demand for polyurea coatings in the Middle East.

The major market players adopt both organic and inorganic growth strategies to gain a stronghold in the global market. For instance, RPM International Inc. acquired Arnette Polymers LLC,in January 2017. Some of the major players identified across the value chain of the global polyurea coatings market are Specialty Products Inc., VersaFlex, PPG Industries, Rhino Linings Corporation, VIP GmbH, Sherwin-Williams Company, PPG Industries, and Kukdo Chemicals.



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