Proteinex launches Proteinex for Muscle Health Campaign

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Proteinex, from Danone India, unveiled its new campaign, ‘Protinex for Muscle Health’ to promulgate protein efficiency for muscles among Indian consumers.

Protinex, a leading brand in the health food category, with its new television commercial (TVC) on protein aims to highlight the importance of protein for good muscles among the people.

A study conducted by InBody found the everyday diet intake of protein among Indians to be less than the standard requirement. According to the survey published in July 2018, by InBody, 71 percent of Indians had poor muscle health and 68 percent had low protein levels. The campaign which is delivered through digital media, aims to target majority of people and spread awareness on the importance of protein diet. The TVC is prepared by Circus Elephant Agency, is highly engaging and comprehensible for the masses to understand.

The campaign primarily aims to promote better muscle health among the growing children as well as the adults. Protein is often mistook as a body-builder compound and mostly neglected by many in their everyday diet. Most of the people are unaware of the daily standard requirement of protein as per their body ratio. This campaign might allow the masses to take new initiatives to improve their protein diet.

An alarming rate of people are suffering from protein deficiency related problems in India and around the world. The muscle health could not be neglected as efficiency of individual depends on it. Protein is rightly called as the building block of life as all the vital organs, tissues, hormones are made up of it. Thus a diet rich in proteins becomes essential for the proper maintenance of the body.


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