Research Reveals that High Vitamin D Levels May Prevent Cancer

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New study reports that high vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of liver cancer significantly

Vitamin D is essential part of diet, as it maintains calcium level in body, which is important for healthy bones, teeth, and muscle. New study reports that vitamin D could be effective for other cancers and chronic diseases. The study published was published in journal BMJ on March 2018. Main aim of the study was to determine if vitamin D was linked to site specific and total cancer. As a part of study and data collection, nine public health centers across Japan was analyzed, out of which around 33,736 were female and male participants between the ages of 40 and 69 years old.

Participants were required to disclose a comprehensive overview of their lifestyle, diet and medical history and have blood samples taken to assess their vitamin D levels. Factors such as seasons affected vitamin D levels; summer and autumn typically produced higher levels compared to spring or winter. Samples were then assigned to one of four groups, based on levels. Participants were monitored for 16 years, during which 3,301 new cancer cases were registered. Higher levels were linked to a 30-50% lower relative risk of liver cancer, and more so in men than women. No cancers exhibited a higher risk connected to high vitamin D levels, and there was no evidence of a link to prostate or lung cancer.

However, an insufficient number of organ specific cancers was major limitation of study. The large sample size for overall cancer, large number of blood samples tested and the extensive follow up period were vital strengths of the study. Results of the study showed that, although vitamin D has a role in preventing the risk of cancer, vitamin D may carry additional health benefits too that were not measured in this study.


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