Researchers Develop Rechargeable Proton Battery

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Researchers develop a rechargeable proton battery, which can be used to rewire power supply for homes, vehicles, and devices, according to an article published on March 7, 2018.

A team of researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, developed a rechargeable working proton battery, which is environmentally friendly, and can potentially store more energy than the currently available lithium ion batteries.

Researchers predict potential applications of the proton battery for household electricity storage. Currently, households make use of systems that convert solar energy into electricity, using solar photovoltaic panels. These panels employ lithium ion batteries, which can be replaced by proton batteries due to their highly storage capacity.

Modifications in the proton battery technology is expected to result in its application in medium-scale storage on electricity grids and to power electric vehicles. The team explained that the working prototype proton battery employs a carbon electrode to store hydrogen, and has a reversible fuel cell to produce electricity.

The battery is environmentally friendly, as it uses carbon electrode and protons from water. This in turn, makes this product economical.

Andrew said that, “Our latest advance is a crucial step towards cheap, sustainable proton batteries that can help meet our future energy needs without further damaging our already fragile environment. Future work will now focus on further improving performance and energy density through use of atomically-thin layered carbon-based materials such as graphene, with the target of a proton battery that is truly competitive with lithium ion batteries firmly in sight.”

This latest development has the potential for energy-efficient, smart and clean storage, which can be accessible to the common public due to its inexpensive cost.


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