Researchers Developed Genetically Engineered Superblood to Treat Cancer

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Genetically engineered enucleated red blood cells can be combined with specific proteins to replace missing enzymes, inhibit tumors, and regulate immune system for treating of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Rubius Therapeutics, U.S-based biotechnology startup is engaged in developing Red-Cell Therapeutics (RCT) also called as superblood to treat cancer. It can be transfused into patients to enhance their healing capacity. Red cells are not recognized by immune system of the body, as they lack nucleus. Also, they are transported all over the body, which will allow the superblood to reach targeted tissue or organ. Rubius is working on developing a solution, which is not personalized for each patient. The project has received US$ 100 million funding, which is expected to accelerate the development of genetically engineered red blood cells, so that they can aid in cancer therapeutics.

“The addition of this funding further strengthens our foundation and enables us to accelerate the development of our first wave of RCT products that are targeting treatment of enzyme deficiencies, cancer, and autoimmune disease,” said Torben Straight Nissen, president of Rubius Therapeutics. “We have assembled an extremely talented team of investors, leadership and advisers, which all share the long-term vision of bringing novel cellular therapies to patients.”

This funding are expected to boost clinical trials of Rubius for some of its programs. Using red blood cells, the company wants to develop treatments that don’t have to be as personalized as these initial cell therapies. “We think this is a great next generation cell therapy platform that has a lot of benefits over the CAR-Ts,” said Nissen.


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