Researchers Developed New Method to Increase Lithium Ion Battery Efficiency

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Researchers developed a new method to increase the efficiency of lithium ion battery, according to a study conducted on February 23, 2018.

Devices such as cell phones, laptops, and power tools are powered using lithium ion batteries and power for electric grid is also stored in them. They are sensitive to temperature fluxes and more likely to cause explosions. Researchers are now developing all-solid-state battery as liquid electrolytes tend to cause more problems.

Nobuyuki Zettsu, as first author on the paper said, “Owing to some intrinsic characteristics of liquid electrolytes, such as low lithium transport number, complex reaction at the solid/liquid interface, and thermal instability, it has not been possible to simultaneously achieve high energy and power in any of the current electrochemical devices.”

Power characteristic and energy densities of all-solid-state batteries must be improved so that they can be used in technologies such as long-range electric vehicles. Garnet-type oxide solid electrolyte crystals were grown by the researchers and the solvent used was molten LiOH. This solid was grown on a substrate and to control the thickness, researchers used a specific crystal compound that grows cubically. When the electrolyte layer is stacked on the electrode layer, the newly grown crystal layer can be used as an ideal ceramic separator. The width of human hair is one hundred microns and in contemporary lithium ion batteries, the thickness of standard electrode layer is less than twice the thickness of human hair.

According to the researchers, all-solid-state batteries will be used in energy storage devices in the near future. Researchers are planning fabrication of prototype cells to be used in electric vehicles. This new development will lead to an increase in the growth of lithium ion battery market, as elaborated in the lithium ion battery market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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