Researchers Have Developed a New Technique to Expose Illegitimate Video Filming by Drone Cameras

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As reported on January 15, 2018, by American Associates, a new operating procedure has been developed by the cyber security department of Weizmann University of Israel to expose illegitimate video capturing by drone cameras. The study was taken in order to attend the growing concern for increased usage of drone for personal and professional purposes.

The researchers conducted tests to check the privacy invasion caused by drone cameras. In the first test, to show privacy breach by the drone cameras, they placed a smart film on a window and entered a few software commands on a laptop to access the encrypted video the drone operator sees, called the FPV channel. Through this it was possible for the researchers to demonstrate the way to expose an invader that is using a DJI Mavic drone to capture images of his own home and then illegitimately stream video of his invader’s house, simultaneously.

In the second test that was conducted outdoors, researchers proved it by attaching an LED strip to a person wearing a white shirt can be used to expose targeted drone activity. On flashing the LED lights on the cyber-shirt, it made the FPV channel to send an “SOS” by modifying changes in data sent by the flashing lights. This technique can be used on any laptop that runs Linux OS and does not require any sophisticated hacking or cryptographic breaking skills. The Researchers call it as ‘Games of Drones’.
The new technique will boost the research to better the performance of drones and bring advanced drones in the future. The scope of drones and the opportunities have been described in the Airborne Surveillance Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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