Road Marking Materials Market boosting the growth:Market dynamics and trends, efficiencies Forecast 2025

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Road marking materials are used to make road markers on pathways and roadways are to provide information to driver and pedestrians and provide signs on motorways, streets, berms, parking areas and airfields. Markings are standardized and improve road safety and to avoid confusion in driveways. Road marking materials are classified into two types of materials that are paint based marking and performance based marking. Performance based marking is further categorized into cold plastics and thermoplastics and paint based marking are categorized into water-based, epoxy, polyurethane-based paints and solvent based paints. Paint based marking is estimated to drive the road marking materials market over the forecast period.

Paint based marking, specifically water based paints, is expected to fuel the demand for the global road marking materials market with increase in production capacity coupled with rapid urbanization and low cost of paints. Epoxy paints are paint based marking material which is expected to gain traction in the forecast period for the road marking materials market due to its low rate of dirt pickup and has exceptional adhesive properties. Technological advancement to decrease maintenance cost such as intelligent road marking system, increasing application in airways and government safety standards are some of the factors to drive the global road marking materials market during the forecast period. Thermoplastics and solvent based paints are extensively used for road marking due to various properties such as quick drying, inexpensive, enhance adhesion to oily and asphaltic surfaces. In new developments cold plastics are new economical materials which comprise of water-reducing agent, thermoplastic resin, mineral filler, and colorant which have high potential of growth in the global road marking materials market. Polymerization is a chemical reaction which helps the plastic to harden onto the road surfaces. Owing to these factors global road marking materials market is expected to increase at a significant growth rate over the forecast period (2017-2025).

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Road Marking Materials Market Taxonomy

On the basis of application, the global road marking materials market is segmented into:Airport marking,Space marking,forklift working spaces,unsafe zones,loading bays,safe designated (walkways and stairs),workshop demarcations,internal floors in warehouses,distribution and logistics centers,Highway marking,Factory marking,Car park marking,Others

On the basis of material types, the global road marking materials market is segmented into:Paint-based marking,Epoxy-based paint,Polyurethane-based paint,Water-based paints,Solvent-based paint,Performance-based marking,Thermoplastics,Cold plastics,Others

Increasing awareness for visibility during nighttime travels and road safety in last decade is expected to drive the global road marking materials market during the forecast period. There are various road markings available such as white line marking, double yellow line marking, and single line marking, which includes motorways and highways, bus and cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, and private roads. The choice of road marking material is governed by its price, durability, and application area.

In terms of material types, paint-based markings segment is the leading contributor to the global road marking materials market, exceeding the performance-based markings segment by a huge margin in 2015. Owing to its longer durability and low costs, paint-based coatings are more favored as compared to performance based products.

Road Marking Materials Market Outlook –

Asia Pacific market for road marking materials is accounted to be dominated in 2015 and is expected to remain dominated during the forecast period due to increase in highway construction and roadways, awareness for workplace safety, road safety and development in construction sector. Rising awareness on safety coupled with urbanization in India and China is expected to lead the global road marking materials market over the forecast period.

Global road marking materials market is a competitive market among which Asian Paints PPG is the market leader in the field of thermoplastic road markings. APCOMARK is product of Asian paints used is manufactured under the rule of clause 803.4, “Specifications for Road and Bridge Works” of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. For the famed Golden Quadrilateral and NSEW project of NHAI across the country., APCOMARK has been used. According to United States Department of Labor, part title occupational safety and health standards, part number 1910, sub part ‘J’, safety color code for physical hazards marking are: 1910.144(a) for color identification, 1910.144(a)(1) for Red. Red will be the color for identification of: 1910.144(a)(1)(i)- Fire protection equipment and apparatus, 1910.144(a)(1)(ii)-Danger, red lights should be provided at temporary obstructions and  obstructions. Danger signs shall be painted red, 1910.144(a)(1)(iii)-Stop, stop bars on hazardous machines such as flat work ironers, rubber mills,  wire blocks, etc., shall be red. 1910.144(a)(3) for Yellow, Yellow shall be  for  caution and for physical hazards such as: Striking against, stumbling, tripping, falling, and “caught in between.”

Some of the key participating players in the road marking materials market are Aximum S.A.,  The Sherwin-Williams Company, Geveko Markings, Ozark Materials LLC, Lackfabrik GmbH, Swarco Limburger and Kelly Bros Erinline along with others.

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