Samsung Patents Eye-Controlled Flying Display Device

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Samsung has filed patent for drone with integrated display featuring voice-recognition, GPS tracker, and Wi-Fi-based positioning system.

Samsung, Korean tech giant has filled patent on design of its upcoming drone. The application was filed on January 3rd, 2016 and granted on February 13th, 2018.The device is reported to have integrated display, which is capable of recognizing the face and pupils of an individual. Also, it can detect hand gestures and position of person. The patent design has a display at the center with four propellers on each corner.

The device is designed with camera and observation system, which can transfer the recorded data to the main controlling unit. The highlighted feature of this device is that it can track movements of users’ eyes, head, hands, or fingers in real-time. Furthermore, speed and direction of drone can be controlled by moving head and eyes or hands. It has capability of tracking operating user without any additional gestures.

The patent describes a ‘joint manipulator’ that can change the inclination angle of the flight. The unit itself isn’t limited to a quad-rotor shape; it can be reconfigured to different forms. The unit may also include a gyroscope sensor, a motion sensor, a vibration system, and/or an accelerometer. However, many technology companies are actively investing in development of advanced drones. Amazon has also patented drone concept, which includes those that can self-destruct in an emergency.


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