Scientists Describe the Formation of Flashbulb Memories

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Scientists have made a breakthrough in describing the formation of flashbulb memories, according to a study conducted on March 9, 2018.

This research gives a clear understanding about how traumatic memories can be controlled and blockade of new memories lifted. A microRNA, which plays an important role in ensuring the formation of long-term memory, was identified by the scientists. They are looking into how CREB1 and CREB2 proteins control the formation or suppression of memories. This finding was established by testing the ability of great pond snails to retain the memory of carrying out a task.

Immediately after the single trial training, an increase in the levels of miRNA Lym-miR-137 was observed. This led to a reduction in the protein Lym-CREB2 mRNA. Previously, experiments were carried out on mice and it showed that reduction in miRNA enhanced some types of learning and memory. Therefore, the results obtained in the single trial training were a surprise to the researchers. During the single-trial learning process, levels of 14 different miRNAs were changed at different times.

Prof George Kemenes said, “Controlling the levels of CREB1 and CREB2 helps animals to retain only the memories that are useful for completing a simple task rather than trying to retain a lot of superfluous information. The way snails form memories for this kind of learning is similar to how they are formed within humans.”

According to the scientists, this research will be beneficial in developing drugs capable of relieving the block on forming new memories in patients suffering from dementia. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will also be benefitted by this research. Then, an increase in the growth of Anti-Psychotic Drugs Market will be observed, as detailed in the Anti-Psychotic Drugs Market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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