Scientists Developed Laser Therapy for Acne and Skin Diseases Treatment

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Research team of French scientist have developed device named Fluxmedicare to treat acne and other skin disorders by exposing it to laser light

Fluxmedicare is made from optical fabric knitted into fabric. It uses photonics to eliminate skin problems with no side effects. Initially, scientists from Texinov Medical Textiles had invented this device, which used flexible fibers to reduce the skin and acne problems. “Until now medical treatments involving light used rigid panels,” said Nadege Boucard, research and development general manager at Texinov. “The fact of transferring this light onto textiles makes it possible to offer numerous advantages such as conformability, comfort, portability of the system, [and]reduction of pain. This makes treatment conditions better, and thus facilitates care and makes it more accessible to all.”

Detailed study of the paper was published online on February 21, 2018 The Fluxmedicare is will be avaible for health professionals in April, 2018. Fluxmedicare works by coating skin with photosensitizer cream that laps up light. Once the skin is coated with cream, laser fabric is wrapped around the skin and optical fibers are programmed to increase the speed of reaction between oxygen and cream. According to the clinical trials, the treatment takes 150 minutes to carry out whole procedure. However, some patients have also reported pain and discomfort during the course of treatment.

“A large majority of the pathologies treated by phototherapy could be addressed with our textiles,” Boucard said. The research team is focused on skin diseases like cancer, infant jaundice, and moderate psoriasis, while also investigating how the device might help wounds heal faster. “It is well known that irradiation with blue LED light helps to stop bleeding from a wound, light of specific wavelengths help also to repair of tissues faster.”


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