Scientists Developed Textile-Based Stretchable Bio-Battery

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Scientists have developed a textile-based stretchable battery, according to a study conducted on December 7, 2017.

Scientists have created textile based bio-battery that are capable of producing maximum power. This battery was subjected to repeated cycles of stretching and twisting and it was observed that they are capable of generating electricity. A wide range of products can be integrated with flexible and stretchable electronics. According to the researchers, these electronics, when used on substrates such as moving body parts, should give a reliable performance. This stretchable bio-battery, which is renewable and eco-friendly, is an energy technology that can be used for many applications.

As a biocatalyst, microbial cells exhibit enzymatic reactions that are stable and a long lifetime. Due to this, unlike the conventional batteries, microbial cells can act as a source of power for wearable electronics. To support the growth of bacteria that provides long-term operation of fuel cells, sweat from human body can be used as a fuel.

Seokheun Choi, assistant professor said, “If we consider that humans possess more bacterial cells than human cells in their bodies, the direct use of bacterial cells as a power resource interdependently with the human body is conceivable for wearable electronics.” According to the researcher, a standardized platform for textile based bio-batteries can be established by this power device.

This development of textile based battery, which is expected to be used in wearable electronics in the near future, will then increase the growth of wearable sensor market, as detailed in the wearable sensor market published by Coherent Market Insights.


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