Scientists Have Developed a Laser Emitter to Wirelessly Charge Smartphones

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As reported on February 20, 2018 by University of Washington, engineers have developed a strategy to securely and wirelessly charge smartphones with the use of a laser beam.

A power cell is mounted on the back of the phone through which the beam charges the smartphone. A narrow beam can deliver a steady 2W of power to 15 square-inch area from a distance of up to 4.3 meters, or about 14 feet. However, the emitter can be amended to enlarge the charging beam’s radius to an area of up to 100 square centimeters from a distance of 12 meters, around 40 feet. This enlargement means that the emitter can be focused at a broader charging area, such as a counter or tabletop, and charge a smartphone kept within that area.

The charging beam is produced by a laser emitter that the team designed to produce a targeted beam in the near-infrared spectrum. The scientists formatted the laser emitter by inserting detective guard beams to abort the charging beam when any object such as part of a human body comes into contact with one of the guard beams.
The scientists modified the smartphone to signal its location by emitting high-frequency acoustic “chirps.” However inaudible these chirps to human ears are, they are sufficiently sensitive to be captured by small microphones set on the laser emitter. The scientists believe that their tough safety and heat-dissipation features can make wireless, laser-based charging of other devices, such as cameras, tablets and even desktop computers possible.
The Information and Communication Technology Market report published by Coherent Market Insights, mention the importance of telecommunication equipment, its categories and opportunities. The laser based charger would bring in a revolution in telecommunication equipment market.


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