Set-in-a-smartphone Game will be Available on Console

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A Normal Lost Phone, an indie game, will lose its skeuomorphic novelty with its arrival on Nintendo Switch on March 1, 2018.

The game is known to provide a unique experience, which that takes place entirely within a mock phone interface. The game, however, will be losing its skeuomorphic novelty and will be available to several players on a console increasingly known for indie titles.

A Normal Lost Phone, is similar to other character-driven games, as it can be explored without spoilers. However, a few critics found that the central conceit is associated with ethical issues such as picking up a stranger’s phone, having a look into their private text messages and photographs, and sending such personal information to other characters.

It has been revealed that the primary aim of this game is to deliver a unique LGBTQ narrative. The team of this gamming portal received input for the developmental of the game, from members of the LGBTQ community. Users reported that the game is open to all and support its goal as well.

However, a major drawback is that the game forces player to expose details about their queer central characters, without their permission. This is considered by several users as a serious breach of privacy during a deeply personal process.

The game developers describes the game saying that “it is good for someone who wants to explore a relatable story that helps build empathy with the characters, which allows difficult topics to be explored.”

The game will soon be launched on Nintendo Switch eShop for several users using gaming consoles to gain access.


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