Short-Course Radiation is Effective to Treat Skin Cancer

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A recent study conducted on January 29, 2018, found short-course radiation to be safe and effective in treating skin cancer.

Patients over the age of 60 years were commonly diagnosed with skin basal and squamous cell cancers. Surgical treatments can be used to remove these cancers. However, radiotherapy is preferred in few cases. Surgery, for treating cancer, is ruled out by doctors when cancer is in regions such as nose, eyes or ears, or patients with other health issues.

For the treatment of skin cancer using radiation therapy, it takes about six weeks for the series to get completed. Skin damage is expected to be more when short-course therapy is carried out using large doses. No study has been conducted so far which compares results obtained by different length radiotherapy courses. Throughout the course of treatment, small doses are given daily so that risks of long term damage can be reduced. This treatment is found to be costly and patients who are old might have problems in transportation.

Dr. Nicholas, author and his colleagues analyzed various studies which talked about radiation treatments for skin cancer that grow slow. A follow up of 10,000 patients between the age of 62 and 84 was done for over six years once they ended the therapy.

The outcomes of both short and long term course therapies did not show any differences. Similar to long course treatments with small doses, 80 percent of the patients undergoing short course treatment with high doses also showed good results. Discoloration and appearance of spider veins were the two types of long-term skin damage mentioned in the study.

Short courses were recommended by the researchers for patients over the age of 70 years and radiation exposure was still the same. This study will be beneficial for an increase in the growth of radiotherapy market, as elaborated in the radiotherapy market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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