SleepSmart Pillow Provides Adjustable Support Layer to Side Sleepers

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SleepSmart Pillow is specially designed for people who sleep on their side, as it provides comfort and easy adjustable supportive layer

The new pillow is the first to be designed with both a comfort layer and an easily adjustable support layer, which allows user to set the pillow at right height for neck. Majority of the pillows available in market are not designed considering side-sleepers, which leads to long nights of fluffing, refluffing and adjusting of conventional pillow. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over US$ 87,000, the SleepSmart Pillow is under production. Company surveyed more than 1,000 side sleepers, who aired their grievances with existing pillows that don’t support their heads the way they prefer.

“I got fed up with sleep solutions on the market, especially the tech, so I built SleepSmart with an inventor/engineer friend of mine, who was also frustrated with pillow options on the market,” said creator Brandon Larson. “We developed a pillow that quickly and easily adjusts its height. It has both a comfort layer and an adjustable support layer so people don’t have to compromise when trying to find a pillow.”

A bladder located inside the pillow allows air to travel in and out depending on where user place head. It increases or decreases the support height into the optimal position for unique sleeping position. The smart pillow can be synchronized with app to monitor sleep. It can also wake up user with vibration alarm. “The apps tracks only what is fundamentally the most important for sleep tracking — sleep duration, consistency habits, and lifestyle context. The goal is to provide users with awareness so they can understand how life affects sleep and vice versa.” Said Larson


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