Smartphones to be replaced by Smart Visors

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Smartphones would be replaced by embeddable and wearable tech, according to O2’s latest Future of Mobile Life report, in December 2017.

People will soon be opting for wearable visors with the potential to enable projections of things such as our favourite photos and videos.Technology allows for sensors to be embedded into skin, smart pills to track vitals from inside the body and smart contact lenses. Smart visors will soon become a reality, predicts Pearson.

Growing inclination towards augmented reality, with increasing awareness among people, is in turn expected to drive people towards AR and VR. This will result in people wearing AR visors on an almost permanent basis. AR headsets have so far been developed by several companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google. There will not be the need to carry smartphones, as people might be seen with visors, especially in work spaces.


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