SteelSeries Announces Launch of its New Headset

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SteelSeries is introducing Arctis Pro, its first headset designed to handle high-resolution audio, as announced on March 13, 2018.

The company revealed that the headset will be available in two models, one wired and one wireless. The wired pair has the capacity to support 96kHz/24-bit audio, which is much higher than CD quality. While the company explains that the wireless pair of headsets will not be able to support this resolution, as the audio needs to be compressed for transmission.

Arctis Pro also requires SteelSeries’ new GameDAC, which is a digital-to-analog converter, used to improve the audio signal. SteelSeries promises to offer impressive sound results on PC and PS4 games. Both models also support virtual surround sound.

Most people can hear the difference on hearing audio on this device, while it seems unclear as to whether or not most games deliver high-resolution audio, for SteelSeries to be able to enhance. For headphones, driver specs are not a direct determinants of how audio might actually sound and perform.

As these models are designed for gaming, they include a pull-out microphone and LED accents that light up in different colors. The wired model of Arctis Pro will be available for a price of US$ 180 and the wireless model, US$ 330.

SteelSeries is thus offering headphones at a more expensive price than its opponents do, In fact, HyperX’s Cloud Revolver also includes a separate audio controller as well as studio-grade sound at the price of US$ 150.


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