Street Drugs May Be Flavored With Household Bug Spray

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Street drugs may be flavored with household bug spray, according to a report published on March 21, 2018.

It was found that drugs such as marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, tobacco and even banana leaves might have large amount of bug spray in it. The consumption of these drugs might lead to an unresponsive stupor that lasts for 45 minutes. The type of bug spray used in these drugs are not yet identified by experts. Pyrethroids are the active ingredients present in bug sprays, which are structurally similar to pyrethrins.

Communication of brain with the rest of the body takes place through signals that are sent through the nerves. These messages are further transmitted to the body by firing off an electrical signal. Then, firing is stopped so that the nerve can recover. However, in case of pyrethroids, firing does not stop and the nerve does not recover. Repetitive-type firing is achieved by opening up the sodium channels present in the nerves.

It is designed to target insects and high doses of these will affect the human nervous system. Furthermore, a person smoking a synthetic cannabinoid laced with bug spray will have throat irritation, which might further lead to respiratory depression. Patients suffering from these depressive symptoms can be treated by providing them with supportive care. Dr. Daniel Rusyniak, medical director of the Indiana Poison Center agrees that smoking bug spray is not a good idea. He said, “Dealers may be mixing bug spray with synthetic cannabinoids to make the drug appear more exotic, so they can hike up the price.” However, this idea might not be cost-effective for the dealers, as it will require a lot of bug spray to concentrate it.


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