Tiny Modular Home Competition Winners Revealed

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Ryterna modul’s architectural competition, held in February 2018, reveled the prize winning entries of its tiny house theme.

The company is a Lithuania-based company that produces mobile constructions, containers, and modular buildings. The company has been running an architectural completion since a few years and this year the task was to design a tiny house with very specific parameters. The competition enrolled 150 entries, and after an evaluation have announced the top three winners.

Designers had to create a tiny house within the parameters of 25 sq m (269 sq ft). Each design was meant to consist of four separate living rooms, modular, and transportable by truck. The water supply and sewage facility was meant to be planned within the construction, while the only external supply exempted for the house was that of electricity.

Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi won the first prize for his project Wave House. The curved structure was made to capture, store, and deliver water across its living spaces. The house had the bedroom and living rooms situated at either ends of the structure, enabling views of the outdoors.

The second winner was a pair of Russian architects, Stas Kaptur and Julia Kaptur. Their project was a modular container that could be altered into a variety of different permutations. This was the most utilitarian of all the designs, as the tiny container could be enlarged by incorporating two containers together, doubling the house’s footprint.

The third place was awarded to William Samin, for his modular structure that can be reformed into an assortment of compelling sculptural forms, including an exciting two-floor configuration. The Trapezoidal Mod, as he named it, is essentially a rectangular contained split into two uniform modules that can be stacked vertically or horizontally.


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