Tovala Smart Oven for Modern Cooking

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Tovala, a smart high-end conventional oven comes with subscription meal plan, which can cook food in 30 minutes.

Tovala smart oven features 26-pound counter-top conventional oven that can cook balanced meals in under 30 minutes by broiling, steaming, baking, and heating. Tovala brand meals are cooked by five-star chefs and delivered to your door. The pre-made meals come in a tray with scannable barcode. The oven scans the code to know the cooking mode of the meal. “It communicates to the cloud, authenticates the recipe, and it tells the appliance how to cook the meal,” said David Rabie, co-founder of Tovala. “Every meal has own unique recipe profile, with temperatures, timings, and different cooking techniques. As the user, scan the barcode, put the food in, hit the button and you’re done.”

User can regulate the Tovala’s temperature within a single degree through the smartphone app. The oven utilizes combination of wet and dry heat to improve food quality. The humid environment in the oven allows water molecules in steam conduct heat better than conventional oven. It can rehear the leftovers by baking and steaming, which restores the natural and original flavors of the food. It allows multi-step cooking with baking and broiling making meat more tender and juicer.

Users can create their own recopies using the Tovala app, which can program the Tovala to cook for desired time, temperature, and cooking method as per the requirement. “It’s very difficult to make chicken that is both juicy and crispy,” said Rabie. “This enables that because you can cook with less heat, you can steam the chicken for a short amount of time and cook it through and keep it juicy. Then you can broil it in a really high heat in order to crisp the outside really nicely, making some of the most delicious roasted chicken you’ve ever had.”


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