Twitter Aims to Bridge Blood Donation Gap in India

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Twitter India launched a new social initiative called #BloodMatters on March 20, 2018, which is focused on creating awareness and bridge the demand-supply gap for blood units in India

India has high demand for blood donation due to high prevalence of various diseases and accidents or injuries. According to World Health Organization (WHO), only nine million blood units are available annually in India, against a demand of 12 million units. Social networking major Twitter has taken initiative by collaborating with Blood Donors India (@BloodDonorsIN), a voluntary blood donation helpline. The company aims to connect with more blood donation helplines such as @BloodDonorsIN, blood banks, and health institutions to connect and reach a patients who need blood donation on urgent basis.

People can request for blood donation simply with a tweet to @BloodDonorsIN with their location hashtag, blood type, mobile contact, and Twitter handle. People interested to help can follow @BloodDonorsIN and respond or retweet requests for help. “The platform aims to scale up the volume of blood donation conversation in India, the number of donors, and work with partners that can ensure safe, screened blood can reach those in need in time across India,” said Twitter India.

The company is focused on amplifying the real-time communication efforts of the handle with verification, promotion on Twitter, and use Twitter Lite to connect the helpline with people across India. “Giving back has been a priority for Twitter since its inception and we believe the open exchange of information can be a compelling force for good in the world. #BloodMatters is a step in that direction,” said Mahima Kaul, Head Public Policy, Twitter India.


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