Uber to Offer Ride at Cheaper Rate with Express Pool Service

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Uber announced on February 22, 2018, that it is going to roll out Express Pool service at low fares which will ask commuters to walk and wait at a pick up spot.

Uber is working on changing the current mode of direct routing. It offers easy pickups and less deviations from the route for both drivers and riders. As a part of Express Pool service, users will be asked to walk to nearby spot or wait for few time before starting the trip. It will work in the same way while dropping off. Uber will optimize the route by covering the shortest distance by analyzing nearby locations, riders and drivers.

The new feature will ensure that co-riders are traveling to same area. At the end of the ride, riders will be dropped at walking distance or nearby distance from the desired location. “Spots change based on popular routes at the time you request. You’ll see walking directions to the best spot,” said Uber on its Help page. In return for the extra effort, riders can travel by paying up to 50 percent less than UberPool and 75 percent less than UberX.

However, other ride sharing giants such as Ola Ride Express in India also offer same services, in which user can share cab on fixed route. This new feature of Uber is rolling out in the US in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. San Francisco and Boston have had the Express Pool since November 2017.


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