Video Camera Can be Used to Estimate Heart Rate

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Researchers have developed a technology to estimate heart rate using video camera, according to a study conducted on January 30, 2018.

This technology invented by Jake Gunther, professor and his student Nate Ruben made use of a video camera along with a software particularly made to approximate heart rate. Images are recorded by the video camera and heart rate is estimated with the information provided by the green channel.

The data of the colors received is processed by the system and average of the areas of the image which detects visibility of skin is computed. This new system of monitoring heart rate might bring about changes in the medical equipment products. In future, similar to this invention, there might be a technology to estimate blood pressure which will replace the tools used in hospitals for the same purpose.

Nate Ruben, co-inventor says that the mechanism of this system is similar to that of a pulse oximeter. The only difference is that reflected light is being considered in this method and not the ones passing through the skin tissues. The technology came in when Ruben’s wife was seen checking the child continuously. Initial attempts to approximate heart beat using a webcam faced many obstacles. Due to motion, signals could not be extracted using a webcam. Later they developed this technology using video camera.

With the creation of a new organization called Photorithm Inc., they have expanded this technology. Newly, a monitoring system called Smartbeat is being developed by them for observing the breathing in babies.

This technology of estimating heart rate will be helpful to take immediate action in case of heart attacks and there are chances for this technology to be integrated with the existing devices used for cardiovascular diseases. Hence, this might lead to an increase in the growth of interventional cardiology devices market, as elaborated in the interventional cardiology devices market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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