Volkswagen Displayed its SEDRIC Autonomous Bus at the Geneva Motor Show

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Volkswagen displayed its SEDRIC self-driving bus at the Geneva Motor Show, according to a report published in TechCrunch on March 8, 2018.

This SEDRIC multi-passenger autonomous bus will be helpful for kids to go to school. This vehicle is yellow in color and to entertain school kids, it has an OLED screen. To hold book bags and more, it has a bench storage also. At a time, it can seat four people, which is very less compared to the current school buses. However, this vehicle can replace the parent-driven carpools and other limited passenger arrangements that are being used currently. By pressing a single button, this all-electric vehicle will reach the user and will provide a safe and peaceful door-to-door transportation of their kids.

This vehicle has a clear LED signage on the exterior, which will help children to cross the road by telling other drivers to stop the car. Also, pedestrians are provided with useful information by this LED. They have sliding glass doors which makes it easier for the passengers to enter the vehicle. The bright yellow paint and accent lighting of the autonomous vehicle shows that this bus offers security to the passengers.

This autonomous vehicle shows us the future of autonomous, multi-passenger transportation. This vehicle also tells us that big buses are not ideal for moving kids around a city with autonomous roadways. This autonomous vehicle is expected to increase the growth of autonomous cars market, as elaborated in the autonomous cars market report published by Coherent Market Insights.


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