WhatsApp Users in India Faced with Obsolete Error

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An obsolete error on WhatsApp has created issues for users in India on January 13, 2018.

WhatsApp users in India have complained about a bug that is preventing them from using the Facebook-owned messaging app. The app is claiming the version being used as ‘obsolete’.

A few WhatsApp users took to Twitter to report the issue, which triggered several other users complaining about having faced the same problem. WhatsApp further acknowledged the bug and said it is working to fix it.

A few users on Twitter posted screenshots which read: “This version of WhatsApp became obsolete on 13 Jan 2018. Please go to the Google Play Store to download the latest version.”

Maximum number of users have even tried to update the app, hoverer, on doing so, Google Play stated that ‘the app is up-to-date’. Some reported that even after deleting and re-installing the app, the issue was not fixed and WhatsApp showed the same message.

For some WhatsApp Beta testers, the app also showed the message ‘Leave testing program’. Additionally, a user said even the Web version of WhatsApp was unable to scan the QR code to allow log in access.

In a statement, WhatsApp acknowledged the issue saying: “On background, this is an issue that’s being fixed. It was a problem with how our app is distributed, which is not under our control.” Previously, WhatsApp suffered a global outage for around an hour on New Year’s Eve 2017, before the problem was fixed.

With regards to the current issue, some reports claim it could be resolved by installing the latest (v2.18.8) WhatsApp APK from the WhatsApp site.


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