Instant Dry Yeast Market Business Opportunities, Current Trends, Market Challenges & Global Industry Analysis By 2025

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Yeast is described as a fungus that is obtained from the by-product of sugarcane, known as molasses. Instant dry yeast entered the market post the introduction of active dry yeast. These two categories of yeast majorly differs in texture, as instant dry yeast has a fine powdered texture dissimilar to the granular structure of active dry yeast. Instant dry yeast can be directly mixed with dry ingredients and can also be mixed with water. Further, instant dry yeast has also a faster activity rate when compared with active dry yeast. 

The major drivers for propelling the growth of the instant dry yeast market include its wide range of application across the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry. Further, the high demand for instant dry yeast is also attributed to its wide contribution in the process of making biofuels from agricultural food waste. In addition, low production cost of instant dry yeast is another key factor fuelling the demand for the same at the global level.

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Instant dry yeast finds wide application in the food and beverage industry. Wine, beer and bread are some of the common products for instant dry yeast.. High consumption of wine in countries such as U.S., France, Italy, Germany, China and U.K. among others. According to International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), these countries recorded wine consumption of more than 126 million hectoliters of wine in 2015. Further, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany are the major markets for beer. These countries are highly responsible for the rapid growth of the yeast market.

Instant Dry Yeast Market Outlook

Europe is the market leader instant dry yeast and is anticipated to maintain its supremacy throughout the forecast period. France, Italy, Germany, U.K. and Spain are the frontrunners for this market owing to the high consumption of wine. Further, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany are the leading countries in terms of beer. Further, Estonia is the world leader in terms of alcohol consumption. Kali, which is a beverage made from fermented bread is a popular drink in Estonia. These factors are likely to support the growth of the instant dry yeast market in Europe throughout the forecast period.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to project the fastest growth rate during the forecast period. The bread industry in Asia Pacific is a highly lucrative industry and its growth rate has surpassed that of Europe. This is mainly attributed to the hectic schedules among the working population, rising purchasing power of the consumers, and rapid urbanization which has led to the significant growth in demand for on the go breakfast products, which in turn has led to the growth in demand for instant dry yeast. Further, the demand for alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer is also on the rise in Asia Pacific, with major demand coming from India, China and Japan among others.These factors are highly responsible for the growth of the instant dry yeast market in Asia Pacific.

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North America is expected to record a substantial growth in demand for instant dry yeast during the forecast period. .The major driver for the growth of this market includes extensive usage of biofuels such as bio-ethanol. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, U.S. exported 95.5 million gallons of bio-ethanol in April, 2016. Further, high consumption of alcoholic beverages is also contributing to the growth of this market.

The major players operating in the field of instant dry yeast market include Asmussen Gmbh, AB Mauri Food, Angel Yeast Company, Fleischmann’s Company, Hagold Hefe Gmbh, Lallemand Inc, Fleischmann’s Yeast, ACH Food Companies and various others.


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